Services We Provide

  • 90 Day Residential Assessment Program
  • Oregon And Wynn Residential Treatment Facilities
  • Anthony Wayne Home
  • Independent Living Assessment
  • On-Grounds School
  • Partners in Treatment Family Therapy
  • Educational Tutoring

  • 90-Day Residential Assessment Program

    LHS will provide the placing agent both a practical assessment of management and daily structure routines that meet the needs of the client and a more formal diagnostic and somatic assessment in areas identified by LHS as need areas. Local resources from the client's community will be researched and a complete community based treatment plan will be provided the placing agent. Contracts for this program are for the full 90 days treatment and assessment. The program is designed for residents to leave this program on the 90th day.

    Oregon And Wynn Residential Treatment Facilities

    For children and youth, male and female, ages 6 to 18. Most placements come from hospitalization, detention, or administrative discharge from institutional settings. High staff to youth ratio. Children and youth usually suffer from emotional and behavioral handicaps that have interfered with past placement success.

    Anthony Wayne Home

    Provides long-term care and treatment to youths served through Ohio Boards of Developmental Disability.

    Independent Living Assessment

    Provided to all youth in care and treatment; age-appropriate skill plans developed and implemented for all youth.

    On-Grounds Schools

    LHS currently operates two school settings for children and youth whose emotional and behavioral disturbances interfere with their education. Many of LHS children and youth in our residential units attend these schools. Lucas County Schools control admission to this program. LHS provides the sites, an Educational Coordinator, Teacher Aides and Lucas County provides the Teachers and curriculum. It is a very successful program.

    Partners in Treatment Family Therapy

    A delivery system designed to work with families near or far, providing counseling and skill training leading to improved family relationships and reunification. This is a value-added service. One weekend each month, families from throughout Ohio and Indiana come to Toledo to learn new skills and receive individual, group, and family therapy through Partners in Treatment. Housing for the family weekend is provided.

    Educational Tutoring

    Established program of routine weekly one-on-one educational tutoring for youth in care requiring such.